Be nosy and stick into our website once again.

Be nosy and stick into our website once again.

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Es ist da! Führen mit Pferdestärke: pferdegestütztes Coaching-Erfolgsrezept

02/11/2024 -

Mein Traum von einem Buch über silent language ist wahr geworden! Tauche ein in die Welt des Führens mit Pferdestärke erhalte einen Einblick in meine faszinierende Arbeit mit meinen Pferdekollegen. Lass dich inspirieren von den Geschichten, die die stille Sprache der Pferde erzählt. Jetzt erhältlich!


Happy New Year 2024

01/02/2024 - Happy New Year 2024

Happy New Year 2024


Merry Christmas!

12/24/2023 - Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!


Pixem - The seminar-video-robot.

08/21/2023 - Pixem - The seminar-video-robot.

We use the Pixem video-robot to support our horse-assisted coaching. With three beacons distributed in the riding hall, one on the robot itself and one on the client's arm, the Pixem can track our participants and focus on them by zooming. The client completes a task. Afterwards, the video is used to evaluate and consider what can be improved. With the changes, the task is then carried out again. This gives the opportunity to see the before and after immediately and to improve quickly. The video can be kept by the client.


Cooperation Partners

06/16/2023 - Cooperation Partners

There's a new page dedicated to our cooperation partners.


silent language goes Kenya

02/17/2023 - silent language goes Kenya

Back now this January 2023 for a fortnight. The aim: Sarara horses. These horses and saisis (grooms) take the guest out on horse safaris. We stayed there for six days. Teaching the saisis how to give their horses a wellness program. As you, dear reader, know, it is important to keep one’s tools and colleagues happy, so they stay fit, healthy and inspired at work. We practised the balanced seat on the lunge. The awareness of the riders body on the horse and experiencing the biomechanics of the mount. And a lot more.



01/02/2023 - 2023

Wishing you a peaceful 2023!


Further education

11/02/2022 - Further education

After a training course I always feel fresh and newly inspired. Processes in the brain and the body connected have always interested me a lot. I did neuro-coaching for myself to get a better grip on impulses and emotions in my private life. And for my profession, to integrate what I have learned into my seminars.



07/05/2022 - Horse assisted coaching in the Harz mountains

Now the time had come. Our first silent language – horse-assisted manager coaching at the Reit- und Sporthotel Nordmann in Stangerode in the Harz Mountains could begin.


A New Kid on the Block!

02/06/2022 - A New Kid on the Block!

Kilkelly Robin, latest member of the silent language team.


Happy New Year 2022

01/03/2022 -

Happy New Year 2022


Mr. Mir * 17.05.1995 + 22.07.2021

09/29/2021 - Mr. Mir * 17.05.1995 + 22.07.2021

Without words! Our CEO! Everyone who knew him and the close relationship we had will know how sorely he is missed!


Into the Summer

05/16/2021 - Into the Summer

Hope you are having a good time. As you know, our seminars unfortunately still can't take place. Therefore, we also have to postpone our seminar at Sporthotel Nordmann in Stangerode to Sunday, August 29, 2021 or Monday, August 30, 2021. Better late than never. We hope that one of the new dates is possible for you, and we look forward to seeing you then, safe and sound. Keep up the high spirits.


SILENT LANGUAGE - Fit für Führung, zugeschnitten auf Ihre Persönlichkeit! Sicher und ergebnisorientiert navigieren!

01/17/2021 - silent language is 10 years old!

For this special event we offer a horse assisted coaching in the nature paradise Südharz with "Special Treats"! More information about the workshop can be found in the flyer. The event will take place on the grounds of the Sport- und Wellness hotel Nordmann in Stangerode. In addition to the coaching, you can book overnight stays and be pampered by the sports & wellness program. For this you will find everything your heart desires:


What a year!

12/20/2020 - What a year!

A very challenging year is coming to an end. Unaware of things to come, we toasted a healthy New Year. Not long after that we could call “it a day”, better “call it a year”. It took us some time to realize what was happening here now. Since quite a while I was longing for the world to slow down and to seriously think about our future. But it shouldn’t be that drastic either. Nevertheless, we are departing this 2020 with positive experiences!


The History of Horse and Mankind (ARTE TV)

09/02/2020 - The History of Horse and Mankind (ARTE TV)

The history of horse and mankind. How and why did mankind tame the horse? Documentary on ARTE TV.


Bemmchen e.V. – The School Breakfast

06/04/2020 - Bemmchen e.V. – The School Breakfast

Silent language will be supporting the Bemmchen e.V. organization – The School Breakfast – in Leipzig. With every seminar that you book with us, they receive a certain amount of your paid contribution.


Strengthen your skills for your future!

06/04/2020 - Strengthen your skills for your future!

Each of us has experienced unexpected changes and limitations in the past two months. And now back to normal life or is this the trigger for a new perspective? What do I want from my future? What can I do to help? Who can help me?


What Has the Katjes-Kind Got to Do with Corona?

04/30/2020 - What Has the Katjes-Kind Got to Do with Corona?

I very much appreciate that I can live this crisis in this country. With the supply guarantee, a roof over the head and subsidies.


Reset into a New Life

03/24/2020 - Reset into a New Life

We will use the time to work out a reset for the new life to come. Nevertheless, we wish you many positive moments in this very difficult time.


BMW Group Plant Leipzig, Thomas Malinowski, Head of Human Resources

10/21/2019 - Reference: BMW Group Plant Leipzig

The way in which Silke uses the various horses to learn via their reactions on the human being and how she translates these reactions into accurate feedback not only convinced me, but also all our participants.


Birthday Greetings for Our Senior Trainer via E-mail from Kenya

05/28/2019 - Birthday Greetings for Our Senior Trainer via E-mail from Kenya

Re: You Are as Young as You Think You Are


PIXEM Robot Cameraman

05/27/2019 - PIXEM Robot Cameraman

If required, our seminars and workshops can be recorded by our PIXEM robot camera.


Open House at “firm”

04/05/2019 - Open House at “firm”

Open house at “firm – Training and Seminars in Leipzig”. Clients and prospective customers where able to get acquainted with the oldest animal coach of “firm”, Mr Mir: coaching with an experienced horse.


When Trainers and Clients Enjoy the Spring Sun

02/20/2019 - When Trainers and Clients Enjoy the Spring Sun

When Trainers and Clients Enjoy the Spring Sun. With every seminar the weather is getting better. Spring is on the lurk.


X-Mas & 2019

12/21/2018 - X-Mas & 2019

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


New Website

12/15/2018 - New Website

After seven years we've got a new website at the cutting edge of technology. Fresh, clear and fast.



11/01/2018 - Relocation

Our new home in Hohenroda.


firm-leipzig, our cooperation partner has…

01/12/2018 - firm-leipzig, our cooperation partner has…

... a colorful bouquet of offers for seminars and trainings, which will accompany you through the year 2018 in a multifaceted and colorful way


silent language update

08/23/2017 - silent language update

After a turbulent spring I finally find words for a silent-language update! Consciously experience everyday life. How do you take off your shirt? Raffaello has a worthy successor, and another happy news!


Goodbye to Raffaello

04/13/2017 - Goodbye to Raffaello

Thank you all for your sympathy for Raffaello's death. We knew he was quite popular ...


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