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BMW Group Plant Leipzig, Thomas Malinowski, Head of Human Resources

For the participants of our program "Fit for Leadership" we were looking for a module under the heading "non-verbal communication" on the topic: "How do I affect on others?" Then the suggestion came up of horse-assisted coaching. To be honest, at first I thought of an esoteric seminar. But that changed when I first met Silke Vollmers and the trainer Mr Mir to discuss the concept with them.

After accompanying and observing two groups for a day each, my last scepticism turned into enthusiasm. The way in which Silke uses the various horses to learn via their reactions on the human being and how she translates these reactions into accurate feedback not only convinced me, but also all our participants.

Thank you very much for this experience, from which each participant took a lot for himself/herself.

BMW Group Plant Leipzig, Thomas Malinowski, Head of Human Resources (translated by silent languagae)

Teamseminar - Herzog-Reichel

The team seminar with horses was to be the second horse assisted coaching for me. I myself have had horse experience for 26 years and was therefore all the more impressed by Ms Vollmers' seminar. During the seminar, Ms Vollmers told me that she has lived with horses since childhood and I was able to see that she has the gift of reading horses in all their facets. With her it is not only about interpreting the rehearsed signs and transferring them to the participant, she seems to speak a language with the horses and is able to translate it very humorously for all participants. This makes her coaching a particularly authentic experience for everyone, including those who deal with horses themselves. With special respect for the participants, but also for her horses, Ms Vollmers succeeds in showing the participants their internalised ways of acting in a very pleasant way. I would like to thank Ms Vollmers for the great seminar day!

Franziska Herzog-Reichel

Katarina Borchert / Managing Director / HYDE Executives GmbH

“It was really an exciting experience and it exceeded all my expectations. I thought a lot about that day, analyzed the reflections from the horses and incorporated them into one or the other work situation. Many thanks also to our great coach – Ms. Vollmers! "

We received this testimonial after a joint eventure of firm and silent language. Thank you so much!

Katarina Borchert / Managing Director / HYDE Executives GmbH

Susanne Scharff, Leipzig

It was a very special experience for me to meet with trainer horse Raffaello and the professional accompaniment of Mrs Vollmers at silent language in a completely different way than usual life.

I can wholeheartedly recommend that: it gives great pleasure, brings enormous knowledge in a short time and probably saves 10 hours of therapy! :-)

Susanne Scharff, Leipzig (translated by silent language)

Jörg Hartig

The contact with animals, for example horses, always means to make 'a touching experience' in a literal sense. Our usual communication patterns immediately lose their value in the encounter with the animal and demand a completely different engagement in the communication with a being that does not use words to express itself and never appears different than completely without calculation and role play. The horse is HERE AND NOW, only, and reacts to us from there.

If you can learn one thing from these encounters, it is communication with all your senses and, that effective communication requires inner clarity regarding direction and message. And, by the way, such an encounter is always a source of valuable self-awareness.

If you would like to know what you can experience and achieve, I recommend a visit to Silke Vollmers. Silke grew up with horses and understands their language and expression quite naturally. She can be a teacher to you, to assess your own expressiveness and communication effect, and, if you wish, to improve. Above all, with her horses she creates a protected space where you're able to meet yourself.

Best regards

Jörg Hartig, Diplom-Psychologe, Health & Business Coaching, Dittrichring 10, 04109 Leipzig, +49 151 160 275 74

Jörg Hartig, psychologist (translated by silent language)

Helge Löbler

That's Bobby and you know the other one (the author). I did leadership training with horses at an institute called silent language. You can't argue with horses, it doesn't work. You have to lead horses through your inner power, through what you acquire in your inner presence, through the power of your thoughts, through your energy. And a horse senses that immediately and reflects on it. You see, we both have our heads hanging a little bit here. That's because, according to Monty Roberts, I thought that was the right posture. I've read it, but you see, I obviously didn't understand it properly, I just read it and now I've worked it through (a metabolism of what I read) because I had the real experience with horses. You see the next picture, the heads of both are higher, they are upright. I didn't explain that to the horse, that's what the horse does when it follows me. And it follows me power of my presence. I can recommend you all to try leadership training with horses and you will re-experience how the horse reflects you, and the horse reflects you in a way that is authentic, and you can't argue and talk the horse's head full, that's no use. You have to concentrate your presence, all your energy. When you go off, the horse goes with you, you don't even need a leash. That's part of the leadership for me. Leadership also requires that you are in control of your business.

Dr. Helge Löbler – professor, Leipzig University (translated by silent language)

Helge Löbler

The horse-supported leadership training for teachers with Silke Mary Vollmers was a success for everyone. The teachers of TÜV Mittelschule Leipzig were able to get a very close and unfiltered reflection from the four-legged trainers Mr Mir and Raffaello of how they behave as managers in front of the class. Silke Vollmers' sensitive observation and summary was without exception found to be very helpful.

"The great thing was that all of the trainer's hints were immediately realizable," was one teacher's comment. Since then, the subject of leading has been a long runner at our school. In our pedagogical reflections we gladly refer to what we experienced with Mr Mir and Raffaello. And we also recommend it to some parents, because they are managers, too.

Dr. Sabine Kaiser, principal (translated by silent language)

Helge Löbler

Mr Mir and Raffaello are the ideal coaches: I have rarely received more honest, direct feedback. And: It's very easy to accept the feedback (which can also be: "I'd rather not go with you first") and work with it. Because you can hardly accuse a horse of bias due to outward appearances, sympathy or unsympathy. First of all, it is positive and willing to be our team partner – depends on what we make of it. Silke Vollmers knows her horses and knows their 'silent language' inside out. She functions as a tactful and humorous 'translator' and accompanies the self-reflection, which leads to surprisingly fast (and visible) results. An exciting coaching in a safe and pleasant atmosphere, in which one becomes aware of the subtlety of body language – and not least, learns to laugh at oneself.

S. R., press officer (translated by silent language)

Helge Löbler

... simply amazing how different you seem to show up when you approach a task in a really focused way. I honestly would never have thought that! A big thank you to Silke Vollmers and her two furry employees!

R., freelancer (translated by silent language)

Helge Löbler

I had only completed a relatively short 'coaching time' with Raffaello, so we were exactly at the point that always causes me difficulties: It's very hard for me to assert myself if I like my counterpart (here: Raffaello). Again and again I'm afraid – or at least inhibited – to get too attached to it, or to make fool of myself, in short: not to be liked anymore. But with the horse-supported coaching of silent language I had the opportunity to work on it directly for the first time. It wasn't easy, but it was crowned with overwhelming success!

The findings from this exercise unit kept me busy for a very long time and I was able to clarify many things for myself.

Now I have booked a second coaching in order to check the success again and to continue working … I am already incredibly excited …

S-B., 47, self-employed (translated by silent language)

Helge Löbler

You can fiddle, deceive, dazzle as much as you want … Raffaello and Mr. Mir look through all the beautiful shine with somehow merciless nonchalance. But if you dare to act real and limited to the essentials, the sun rises in the riding hall! We'll definitely be back!

B.+M., entrepreneurs (translated by silent language)

Helge Löbler

... there was an incredibly dense, concentrated atmosphere. There were four of us, working alone as well as in a team with the horses (or rather: the horses with us). What you can learn about yourself in a few hours from Mr Mir and Raffaello is in some ways more than many years of dealing with people. And we had – completely without fear, without pressure to perform, without competition – the great opportunity to advise each other, to try out different solutions and finally to have the liberating experience that almost everything works if you are honest, respectful and really concentrated on the matter. Many thanks to the whole silent language team!

T., 39, manager (translated by silent language)

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