silent language horse assisted coaching

silent language horse assisted coaching is a type of coaching that involves using horses as a tool or medium for personal and professional development. It combines traditional coaching techniques with the silent language of horses to create a unique and powerful coaching experience.

In this approach, the horse is seen as an honest and non-judgmental partner who can provide immediate and honest feedback to the coachee. Horses are highly sensitive animals and have the ability to pick up on the non-verbal cues and energy of humans. They respond to our body language, emotions, and intentions, making them excellent teachers and mirrors for our own behaviour.

During a silent language horse assisted coaching session, the coach and coachee will work together in an enclosed space with one or more horses. The coachee will be given an opportunity to interact with the horse and engage in various activities, such as leading, grooming, or obstacle courses. Through these activities, the coachee will have the opportunity to explore their own behaviour, communication style, leadership skills, and emotional state.

The coach will observe the coachee's interactions with the horse and provide real-time feedback and guidance. They may ask questions to deepen the coachee's self-awareness and encourage reflection on their own patterns and beliefs. The ultimate goal of silent language horse assisted coaching is to help the coachee gain insights, develop new skills, and make positive changes in their personal or professional life.

This type of coaching can be beneficial for individuals or teams looking to enhance their communication skills, develop greater self-awareness, improve leadership abilities, or overcome specific challenges. It offers a unique and experiential learning opportunity that can have a lasting impact on personal growth and development.

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