Is a horse too big for you as a coach?

You feel addressed by our offer, would like to develop your personality further, reflect yourself, become aware of your strengths, but you are so much into horses – so far. Horses tend to cause you discomfort because they are so big. Well, then you have come to the right place with silent language!

I am at your side even without my horse colleagues. You are the expert for your needs, solutions and goals. I am the expert for methods and questions to accompany you on your development.

We are working with the following methods:

  • Solution-oriented questions
  • Active listening
  • silent language
  • Systemic installation
  • Giving feedback, mirroring
  • Change and expansion of perspectives
  • Landscape of sensitivities
  • The inner team

These coaching sessions take place either on your premises or in our offices.

Why should you trust me? How do you benefit from self-reflection?

I know body language because I work a lot with horses and I am a question expert. In conversation with me, the horse will often appear, at least as a symbol. To understand these examples, however, you do not need to be a horse expert. The horse is simply my thing … I like to share my experience with other people. It gives me pleasure. I am an optimist and believe in your abilities.

What nightmare has been stirring you up in the last few months? Which questions keep you from working or from everyday life? What the hell is slowing you down? How do you perceive and how are you perceived? How do you give and how do you get confidence? How do you show and receive respect? How do you deal with pressure? How are you able to use in your private and professional life what you've learned?

Are you interested in change and self-reflection? I am convinced that my coaching will give you decisive impulses for your professional and personal path.

With silent language you can take the horse by the hand or only me. In any case, I accompany you in a questioning and listening manner during your change process.

Who are you dealing with?

I have had my company silent language for eight years. After further training as a coach and systemic coach, I gained a lot of experience and will continue to gain experience. I grew up in a horse family and have worked successfully in the business world for many years. My versatile cultural background also gives me invaluable knowledge. As the daughter of an English mother who grew up in Africa and a German father, I was born in Asia and grew up in Indonesia and Singapore. I spent a lot of time in Africa. After training in Germany, I lived and worked in England for several years before moving to Leipzig.

During my years in England I have been piloting aircraft. As a former pilot, I can also answer your questions about navigation.

Are you interested?

Do you feel addressed by our offer?

Get in touch, visit one of our get-to-know dates – and treat yourself to an investment in your own personality with profound effect.

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